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Episode 46: Perspectives, The Picture of a Gamer, Future of WoWcast? 4/26/10

A short three parter: Perspectives on how we play WoW and how we engage the virtual environment, How WoW is changing the picture of gamers and our culture. What is to become of WoWcast?

Episode 45: WoW Blogs, WoW Play, WoW Players 7/14/09

A delve into WoW Bloggosphere concerning the Ferraro incident, a talk on WoW Blogs vs Forums which then leads into hardcore vs elite vs casual and then a good hearty discussion how the game is played at end game and what it means for those who can't or do not raid.

Episode 44: Starman Portals(meta) 6/02/09

Starman talks about his many portals in the meta. Join us as we pick his brain about his current projects and how he feels about the culture of the meta and tools at hand. Also bonus ending about the future of WoW as an MMO.

Episode 43: Affirmation(meta) 3/12/09

Alachia discusses WoW as an alternative lifestyle. This is an affirmation of all things meta and wow and the impact it has on our lives. For those of us still playing and still loving every minute of it, we all float on.

Episode 42: Godzilla 2/11/09

This Episode is back with the blessing of Godzilla himself! Alachia offers up proof of existence of your typical Godzilla, a person in the raid or group who is mentally traumatized.

Episode 41: Shamnamanamatastic 1/30/09

Alachia deciphers the hit rating mystery and talks all about Shamanamins! Totems, Resto, Elemental, and Enhancement PvE trees and rotations covered.

Episode 40: WoTLK PVE Starters 1/19/09

Alachia gives a brief over view of everything PvE from Wrath of the Lich King. She talk about basic stats, where to start for gear and pve enchants, and a basic summary of the current raids of WoTLK. And for good measure, she throws in a little story about her pug horde city raid encounter.

Episode 39: WoTLK Beginnings 1/10/09

Alachia shares her WoTLK Expansion release story and talks about the first impressions of the uber expansion

Episode 38: 13 Nodes of TBC

On the eve of the WoTLK expansion, Alachia takes a look back at the 13 Nodes of The Burning Crusade Expansion

Episode 37: Bindpoint (meta)

Alachia introduces the application of Bindpoint with the visionary behind the best, new tool for Metazen communication, Kitch. Find out how Bindpoint can help you engage and evolve your interactions in the meta. Please join us in the open beta testing at

Episode 36: Meta Identities (meta)

Alachia and Jemimus explore the topic of meta identities. What are the pros and cons of maintaining a meta identity or RL identity online. What are the limitations of current social media tools in respect to how we communicate and interact.

Episode 35: Why we still play WoW and Raiding Alliances

Alachia asks Why are we still playing WoW? Why haven't we blinked to another game yet? What makes some of us want to leave every so often? Also a quick coverage on how to set up guild alliances for raiding.

Episode 34: Arena Guidelines

Alachia delves into the specific guidelines for Arena PvP

Episode 33: Arenas Season 1-3

Alachia takes a look at Arenas from Season One through Three and what changes have been made along with the controversy of pvp systems as welfare epics.

Episode 32: Connectivity (meta)

Alachia explores some theories about connectivity in the meta. How we connect, why we connect, and what that connection means.

Episode 31: Return to Darkmoon Faire

Alachia returns to Darkmoon Faire on some business. Join her as she fumbles her way through the faire. Also, a horde dies.

Episode 30: Relationships in WoW (meta)

Alachia sits down with two couples to explore the nature of relationships in WoW.

Episode 29: Blizzcon 2007

Alachia, Sadin, and Taint go to Blizzcon 2007. Hear Alachia's take of the big Blizzard event of the year!

Episode 28: Evolving Meta-humans and Everything PvP (meta)

Are we allowed to feel lost at this stage of life? Do we as meta-humans never find a concrete self due to our continually dynamic and evolving virtual environment? Can we ever imagine a time when the metaverse is composed of one collective conscious? Then Alachia discusses everything PvP from Open-world pvp, Battlegrounds, to Arenas.

Episode 27: Life after 70 and Virtual Taboos (meta)

There's so much to do after 70 this go around! Alachia takes you through a walkthrough of 10 things she has and hopes to do post level 70. Also, some nifty audio clips that should make you laugh and leave curious. And then the nitty gritty can of Virtual Taboos gets opened!

Episode 26: Resolving VR with Your Reality (meta)

Alachia delves into the concept of resolving your virtual lifestyle with your reality. How entangled are we in this ever-growing cultural net pheonmena known as the metaverse. Explore topics of economics with the news covering the QQ coin, the technological advent of the first transatlantic touch, and the possibilities of Google Metaverse. And Alachia invites you to join Metatalk.

Episode 25: Clinic for Gaming Addiction Story

Spurlock shares WoWcast Stories, Session 4, a fictional stay at the Clinic for Gaming Addiction. See if Spurlock can survive his two week stay in the Amsterdam Clinic and still retain his love for WoW!

Episode 24: The Burning Crusade

Follow this audio diary of Alachia on her venture to get The Burning Crusade expansion, the hours after, the entry into the Dark Portal and the moment she and her party ding 70 and learn to fly! From the ice storm on the day of the release to final lift off, listen in as Alachia journeys through it all. 70 or bust!

Episode 23: Uber Leveling Tips, Understanding Shamans

The last pre-Burning Crusade episode! We're all really excited about the upcoming expansion. This episode covers Video Games Live and Top ten ways to level fast. Also, Alachia takes the first step to make friends with a Shaman. Also a little tid-bit from Starman hitting level 40 on Boulderfist and random vent chatter.

Episode 22: Second Skin, Taxes, Language, and too much Cyber? (meta)

This episode covers a mouthful. Learn about Warcraft taxes, the language of WoW, and the Second Skin documentary. Also, Alachia asks is there such thing as too much Cyber and how many MMOs should there be? What's it mean to live life as a gamer? More significant nodes of WoW from the listners and maybe a silly Christmas Carol.

Episode 21: Alachia goes to the WSVG

Thanks to Scott Valencia, Alachia gets a gig to go to NYC to the World Series of Video Games to admin the tournament. Alachia dishes the dirt on players, the production of the WSVG, and all the cool players and people she meets along the way.

Episode 20: Burning Crusade Exposed Part 1

Alachia and Sam hash out the details of the Burning Crusade in a two part special cast. All about the new races! Draenei and Bloodelves exposed! /sillys included. Racial abilities revealed and an indepth look at jewel crafting and what the new loot system means for us wowzens. Part 2 can be found at Part 2 will cover Burning Crusade nurf to + healing gear, the destruction of mods, new talents and potential builds, 25 man raid cap change, and loot tokens!

Episode 19: WoW, a look Back at 13 Nodes

.Join Alachia as she looks back on 13 significant nodes that defined the last two years of the World of Warcraft Pre-Burning Crusade.

Episode 18: Addiction and Media (meta)

As if addiction were our only real problem we have the media trying to blame everything on our beloved game. Sure, most of us know we have a problem but who is really to blame? Listen to one example of the media's portryal of WoW and decide for yourself. Then Alachia weighs the pros and cons of integrating real life into your fantasy world. What psychotic hybrid world are we creating?

Episode 17: WoWverse, The Evolution (meta)

What does it mean to truly belong to a virtual community. Seven million people already seem to know. But what are the impacts of living in a virtual world and how signficant is a virtual life to a real one? Alachia ponders it all. Then, the introduction of WoWcast Story Sessions.

Episode 16: WoWcast Inside Edition

Alachia self indulges and reveals how she really feels about WoW. Where has she been for the past months and what has the WoWcast crew been up too? Do they even still play WoW? Then a restrospective look at the amazing emails from listners.

Episode 15: Feral, Resto, Moonkin, Oh My!

In the world of Azeroth, two mystical races share one magical, versatile, and unique class known as the druid. They hold a sacred bond with the natural world….holding a sacred grasp over the powers of the plants and animals. Using the art of their natural magic...they have an intriguing balance of a fighter’s strength and armor, the rogue’s stealth and cunning, the power to turn nature into powerful casting spells, and the magic of healing. Starman from World of Warcast and Sam from World of Podcast offer their unique perspective on this amazing class.

Episode 14: The Downing of Nefarian

On April 29, 2006 Cykos downs Nefarian. Listen as Alachia and Cykos takes down the wretched beast of Black Wing Layer! The event was recorded live and gives you a glipse into the inner workings of an end-game raiding guild. What's it like to be on Ventrillo with 40 other raiders of wildly different roles in the guild.? Find out!

Episode 13: The Metaverse called WoW and its Inhabitants (meta)

Alachia delves into the serious and yet amusing ideas of WoW as the platform for a viable virtual world. Listen to David Wong's article 10 Ways Online Gaming Will Change the Future. Also, two interviews of two perspectives of two very different inhabtants of WoW with nearly two decades of separation between them. Also, find out how gnomes are better than dwarves!

Episode 12: Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj

Alachia and Flipmax are live at the opening of the Gates of Ahn' Qiraj! Listen in as they wait for the sceptor to arrive and the event to commence! Learn the history of the War of the Shifting Sands! Find out what comes from opening of the ancient gates! And what happens to Alachia and Flipmax when they attempt AQ40!

Episode 11: Ice Ice Baby, Invisible Mobs, and Cykos

The majority of this episode will cover Alachia and Flipmax 's transformation from fire to frost mages. Included, some in-game play time with noobie frost mages. Can we get some Vanilla Ice on? Ice Ice Baby! We watch Felix fight invisible mobs or are we hazing Boozefort and Maebee?? And discover why Alachia is now a real psycho, make that cyko.

Episode 10: Coming Out Episode and Uber Mages

Alachia 'comes out' as the best amatuer WoW podcaster she can possibly be. heh. Rumors as to why Pandaran class was shot down are shared. A short story involving children of WoW players is provided compliments of Boozefort. Alachia also goes over how horde and alliance can share money and chat each other up. gasp! Flipmax and Alachia continue Intro to Classes Part II with Uber Mages!

Episode 9: War Profiteering and Intro to Classes Part I

Alachia goes over features available on the website and other such information. She shares a quick review for other available WoW podcasts. Dual boxing is explained and our hardware is revealed. Alachia goes int o Haliburton and their new endeavor to war profiteer off of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj war effort. Felix starts off Intro to Classes with the class of the Priest.

Episode 8: Molten Core Tour and WoWaholics

Alachia and Felix lay out Molten Core for all those who have never experienced the raid. Yes, all 10 bosses. Taint weighs in to explian Ragnaros. Now you can find out what the heck all the fuss is about. Flipmax and Alachia then go into the dangers of WoW addiction. Hi, My name is Alachia and I'm a WoWaholic.

Episode 7: Newbie Content and ZG

Alachia goes over more Feast of Winter Veil content. Discussion then turns to newbie content, how each race starts out and and what talent trees are utilized from lvls 1-60 vs Post 60 content play. Shade talks about Power Leveling tactics. Alachia wraps up with a super quick over view of WoW interface usage. Listen for small interjections regarding raiding in powerhouse guilds and random Iron Forge events.

Episode 6: Feast of Winter Veil

This episode covers all the great Feast of Winter Veil activities. Learn how you can transform your mount into a reindeer, make yourself into a snowman, and make some serious gold selling gingerbread cookies. Also, we cover snowball fights, green and red winter hats, and holiday gnome transformations.

Episode 5: Live from Undead

The group attempts to run the instance Undead Stratholme again. The podcast was recorded in-game and edited into 14 scenes. Follow Shadowtaint, Alachia, Sadin, Flipmax, and Felix as they fight their way to Baron Rivendare. See if they can overcome all of the WoW glitches and finally conquer the Undead World.

Episode 4: Dark Moon Fair Tour

Alachia and Flipmax are live from Darkmoon Fair! We explain what's available and what's new. Sadly, there was no cotton candy.

Episode 3:WoW Etiquette and RP Orgies

Flip and Felix add their commentary about the ins and outs of maximizing game play by being good mages and good paladins. I talk about the most recent WoW glitch we've experiened while doing Battle Ground Warsong Gulch. Then I dive into speculations regarding the amoung of cybrsex involved in those RP servers. Bonus dwarf male/ human female action added to the end. Tacky? Who cares.

Episode 2: Introduction to WoWcast Part II

Continuation of interviews of my static party. I introduce Shadowtaint and Sadin. I rave about discovering other World of Warcraft Podcasts including and World of This weekend we had a great WoW impromptu network party after celebrating the Gobble Gobble day. I go over some major WoW bugs in Undead Stratholme and some tips at power leveling.

Episode 1: Introduction to WoWcast

Brief intro into the podcast. I give props to my first World of Warcraft Podcast experience, I introduce myself (Alachia) and discuss variables which make World of Warcraft gameplay different for everyone. Two people from my static party, Flipmax and Felix, give their introduction to WoW. I go over possible future shows.